udyr is Nordic maximalistic electro with a sense of a compulsive yearn.

udyr is the electronic solo project by Kåres William Wulff exploring the twisted wasteland between the foul and the profound, mixing dirty distortion and aggressive transcendental circlets with touching church-like vocals. 
The project draws its inspiration right out of the oozing undergrowth of the Jutlandic forests.
When playing live udyr has teamed up with visual artist øje, whose imaginative computing skills creates a wondrous and fable-like alternate reality during the concerts. øje draws on inspirations from the gaming world and performs live on hacked x-box controllers and old computer joysticks

udyr describes the project as his platform for reckless composition, in his endless search for the balance between beauty and beast.

udyr debuted as a featuring artist on the KEMOWULF single URA that was released as part of a video collaboration with the South Korean art magazine – Momentum Soul
udyrs debut EP - O I C Y U R contains 6 tracks, every track is named a letter spelling out: “Oh I See Why You Are“
The EP has an all-around dirty - yet obsessive sound using no real instruments, composing only with manipulated noise and vocal samples as a foundation for the fragile main vocal and the heavy beats.


Latest work