The triad behind the project consists of the two composers Kevin Buster and Alexander Kirkeby, whom all met at an art school in Jutland of Denmark, where they started their collaborations during spring of 2016. 
The project: wat.r is free, was the culmination of more than a years intense work, first composing the album and then later shooting and editing music videos for all 11 tracks of the 40 minute record. The process gave them excessive experience due to the complete freedom, the concentrated period of experimenting offered them. 
The record was first released in 2017, under the band name of but was taken down because the trio meant that the name was more fitting for their freshly founded idea of a collective containing several diverse artists. The idea of the collective sprung out of their hard work, trying to do everything on their own, they realized that the art and music they wanted to create simply needed more hearts and souls.

Latest work